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Cosy fellhouse

in Luosto

Fell holiday in silence
Luoston Karpalo is a 81,5 m² fell house at Orresokka, Luosto in Sodankylä. The gable window opens up to the surrounding nature and its four seasons, enlivening your life during your stay. In winter, the ski lift lights twinkle through the window. Brown hares, squirrels, Siberian jays, reindeer and foxes can be seen throughout the year. Luosto fell is one of the few resorts where natural quiet does not compete with excessive mass tourism. Karpalo’s facilities are balanced between modern comfort and an authentic, rustic, smoke and pine scented camping holiday.

  Rustic and
cosy fell house.
 by nature and
hiking trails.
  Lappish holiday 
 resort for the whole family.